Why Sterilization is the only way forward in India

It is a heartrending fact that the attitude of the majority of the population towards our street dogs is one of hostility, abhorrence and utter annoyance. While we may live in a constant state of denial with respect to this fact, its practice comes into play very evidently by the widespread numbers of pedigree dogs … Continue reading Why Sterilization is the only way forward in India


Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and the superhero’s list surpasses our imagination, endlessly. But many-a-times, there is a neat disconnect with these characters. They often come across as unreal, unfathomable, fictitious. The closest to reality is when one often associates traits of a personality and felicitates those traits with these characters, predominantly from the movies. But lets … Continue reading MatkaMan

The Importance Of Sterilization For Dogs

The first step to ensure optimum health for your furry friend, whether male or female, is sterilization once they come off age. While it is mostly assumed to be a birth control mechanism, it is essential to note the multiple health benefits that sterilization offers, for both pure breeds as well mixed breeds and Indies. … Continue reading The Importance Of Sterilization For Dogs

Pit Bulls with the best smiles

We’re all forever propagating equality among all human beings so why not extend the same concept across the vast species of living beings including our four legged best friends? Why must there be differential treatment? Essentially referred to as “mans best friend”, one needs to ponder upon the reason for the same. Besides converting any … Continue reading Pit Bulls with the best smiles